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Keeping Scouts safe is everyone’s job!  Now what to do when and an accident or near miss occurs.

To help determine if a report needs to be filed please use this matrix.  Data from the reports are used to help prevent similar situations from occurring in the future.

All Black Swamp Area Council youth members and registered adult volunteers are covered by the BSA Accident & Sickness Insurance Plan for injuries or illnesses sustained on an official Scout outing. The insurance is paid for through the support of our Friends of Scouting campaign. This insurance plan is administered by Health Special Risk Insurance and is in excess of any coverage provided by the injured Scout’s primary insurance.

Process to report incident or near incident:

1) Attend to any injured parties.

2) In the event of fatality or hospitalization, allegation of suspected sexual or non-sexual abuse, victimization of a Scout, transport to the ER in an emergency vehicle, a communicable disease outbreak or food-borne illness, vehicle accident, theft or damage with a $100,000 loss or any event that has media attention contact the Scout Executive immediately at (567) 208-5012. All other incidents should be reported to the District Executive where you unit is located. 

3) Complete an Incident Report Form or Near Miss Report Form as appropriate. Follow the matrix to determine which form is required. The matrix is found on the first page of the incident report and near miss report form. Additional information about Incident Reports can be found at the Guide to Safe Scouting.

Incident Report Form

Near Miss Report Form

4) Complete Accident and Medical Insurance Claim Form if needed and send to the Council Service Center for signature.

The Accident and Medical Insurance Claim form must be signed by a Black Swamp Area Council Representative prior to sending to the insurance company for processing. Signatures should be from the Office Manager, or  the Scout Executive. Missing signatures will result in a delay in claim processing.

Accident and Medical Insurance Claim Form

Black Swamp Area Council Medical Policy

Once the Accident and Medical Insurance Claim form is approved, all discussion about the injury is between the family and Health Special Risk Insurance.


For questions on the BSA Accident & Sickness Insurance Plan please refer to the following documents or contact the Black Swamp Area Council Service Center at (419) 422-4356.


Black Swamp Area Council
2100 Broad Avenue, Findlay Ohio
(419) 422-4356