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Popcorn sale 2020 is popping

New updates for this year’s Popcorn Sale are popping! With the sale approaching, there is a lot of new news coming from our partners at Trail’s End.

Be sure to have your unit registered to sell by July 5 to be eligible for a $250 Scout Shop Gift Card. This will help ensure you and your unit are receiving the latest news about this year’s sale.

New and improved sale technology, along with vast improvements are in place to help Scouts, families and units to have a successful and safe sale this year. Plus, a new Reward Prize system is in place to give Scouts more opportunities to receive great rewards for their efforts.

Find out more about helpful online webinars, direct sales without touching money or product, and an opportunity to have a unit presale July 1 to Aug. 15.

CLICK HERE to find this and more on the council Popcorn webpage.


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