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May 13, 2020


Salute to Scouting              

This periodical communication seeks to highlight the great Scouters and chartered organization who call the Black Swamp Area Council home. Within this publication, you will find great stories about Scouting youth, Scouting leaders, and the organizations who enable these young men and women to do their best.

Buzzed For Scouting

Not many have ever questioned Brian Botti’s love for Scouting, and after last week any doubt was quickly erased with a pair of clippers.

Initially, the Old Sycamore District Executive wasn’t sure he would garner that much attention or financial support for his cause. “Originally, I was just happy to see $50 pledged. When we set the $500 base goal, I wasn’t sure if we’d muster that much in pledges.” Little did Brian know there were a significant number of people who were interested in seeing him lose some hair.

As of May 12, Brian has raised $1,510 for the Old Sycamore District Friends of Scouting campaign. He admits it feels weird with his hair and beard missing but is satisfied with the outcome. “Being able to directly support our Council like this feels pretty good when our traditional methods are rendered ineffective in our current situation.”

After years of medium length hair and a full beard, Brian is still adjusting to the look. “I left the mohawk on for a few days and I honestly didn’t recognize myself for the first second whenever I saw myself in a mirror. The beard’s growing back relatively fast, but it’s hit that first stage where it itches a ton. Having the buzzcut on top at least eliminates hat hair and saves me a trip to the barber but still feels odd.”

May Mayhem is On!

Alice Lalone, District Executive for Arrowwood, and Sydni Winkler, District Executive from Great Oaks, are squaring off in what promises to be an exciting matchup.

The two districts are working hard to raise $10,000 over the course of the month of May. With the current health crisis affecting causing the cancellation of several events, the two executives have taken it upon themselves to help raise the funds needed to support the youth they serve.

Both districts have already made videos, which are posted on YouTube and Facebook. They will continue to publish videos to update Scouts, Scouters, and supporters about upcoming challenges. If the district can reach their goal of $10,000 for Friends of Scouting, the executive serving the district will have to dye their hair. The color is decided by the supporters who made contributions during the May Mayhem.

If you want to support Arrowwood, Click Here or text “Arrow” toll free to (844) 615-4269. To support Great Oaks, Click Here or text “Great” toll free to (844) 615-4269. All the funds raised during these fun challenges stays in Northwest Ohio to support the 6,000 Scouts and 1,700 volunteers served in the Black Swamp Area Council.



Young Barbers in the Making

Jason Vasko is a dedicated Scouter who continues to do great things in the Chinquapin District. His commitment is so great that it may cost him his hair.

To raise needed support for Chinquapin District Scouting, District Commissioner Vasko will buzz his hair if $500 can be raised by May 21. Donate for an opportunity to not only get to see Jason's kids make an absolute fool of him, but also support local Scouting. The event will be streamed live on the Chinquapin District Facebook page at 8 p.m. Thursday, May 21, tune in and see the fun cut!

Campaign Milestones:

$500 - Jason gets a close shave - Jason will let his kids buzz off his hair

$1,000 - Beard be gone - at $1,000 Jason will remove his beard.

$1,500 - Full shave! - at $1,500, Jason will shave his head as well as his beard.

$2,000 - If we get to $2,000, Jason will keep his head shaved (may let the beard grow back) through summer camp and August 1.

Please note, Jason will not shave off my eyebrows (not even for $10,000 each)!

Scouter Spotlight

Christine Hannewald | Pack 96 & Troop 96 | Coldwater, OH

Christine Hannewald, though not originally from Coldwater, has become very involved in the area. Christine, a teacher’s aide at Coldwater Elementary School and an adult leader in both Pack 96 and Troop 96, has one son in the Pack and one in the Troop. Recently, she stepped up to the position of Training Chair in the Old Sycamore District, participating in Wood Badge course C6-449-19.

In Pack 96, Christine is a Webelos Den Leader and member of the Pack Committee. Christine’s Den recently did a slew of STEM activities, including building their own homemade balance boards. The Den is also an active participant at camp with the rest of Pack 96.

In Troop 96, Christine is the Assistant Scoutmaster and enjoys supporting Scoutmaster Rich Umstead in all Troop endeavors. Some of her favorite experiences in Scouting have been attending summer camp at Camp Lakota, especially in 2019 when Christine stepped up to teach Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge and chaperoned an outbound. Christine loves the program and variety of landscape that one can find at Camp Lakota.


Lima Scout Shop Open

The Lima Scout Shop is available for your Scouting needs. Open electronically, you can order recognition awards and other needs while supplies last and depending on inventory. The Lima Scout Shop also now offers uniform sewing services!

To place an order, please download the Lima Scout Shop Order Form by clicking HERE! You can either call the shop at (419) 227-2107 or via email at mailto:Nancy.Rex@scouting.org.

Payment is necessary before order can be shipped via credit card over phone, send in a check or funds can be used by authorized users from the unit account. Please include Customer name, address and phone number. Shipping prices will be determined based on individual orders and shop manager Nancy Rex will work directly with each customer.


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