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Scouting is more than you think……

When you ask people, what is the first thing that they think of when you mention the word Scouting, many things come to mind.  I guarantee that some of the first thoughts that come to mind are camping, Eagle Scouts, Leadership and the classic stereotype of crossing old ladies across the street. 

I submit there would be many other answers, but often the aims of Scouting other then leadership get hidden in the responses.  Character development, citizenship training, personal fitness and leadership are the aims of the Scouting movement.  Scouting used the outdoors, the adventure and advancement to teach those aims.

Think about the connotation when someone says, “you are such a Boy Scout” and what it is describing in the reference.  Scouts do the right thing and have good character.

When our founder Lord Baden Powell wrote “Aids to Scouting” his targeted audience was soldiers, when he discovered that young boys were using it to learn skills, he wrote “Scouting for Boys”.  This second book became the foundation of our Scouting movement.  From our founding, Scouting has taught life skills.  I surmise that Scouting is the best youth development program the world has ever seen. 

I would classify that Scouting is the ultimate workforce development program and over the years on occasion business and industry have viewed it in that way.  Our patrol method with peer leadership and group problem solving, are what employers are looking for in team members.  Think about the Eagle Scout Award, it is the only achievement that I know of, that a young person can earn as a youth and will stay on their resume for the rest of their lives.  While we celebrate our Eagle Scouts, it is also important to note, that there is proven positive impact on the youth that participate in the Scouting movement even for just one year. 

The outing in Scouting is the integral tool to helping to make our youth prepared for tomorrow, and where life might take them.   Our Exploring program does the exact same thing, but in an even more forward approach, by converting the outing of Scouting and camping to a direct exposure to a vocation and employers in the community.  An investment in Scouting is an investment in our youth, community and the future. Scouting is making young people prepared for life!

Your effort and support make the difference in the youth that we serve!  Hope to see you along the Scouting trail!

Yours in Scouting,

Marc D. Kogan
Scout Executive


Marc D. Kogan has been serving the Boy Scouts of America as a commissioned professional since 1998 and currently the Scout Executive/Executive Director for the Black Swamp Area Council.  As a youth in Scouting, Marc earned the rank of Eagle Scout. In addition, he was bestowed the Vigil Honor from the Order of the Arrow and completed the Wood Badge training.  Marc also currently serves as the Cubmaster for Cub Scout Pack 309, where his son is working on his Bear rank.  He resides in Findlay, OH with his wife and their son.  


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