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Popcorn Resources

  Unit Kernel Guidebook
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  Trail's End Popcorn website
  4 Page Order Form
  Table Tent Order Form
  How-to order product online for units
  New Scout Orientation Flier
  Facebook Community Helps (Join request required)
  Unit Reference Guide
  Top Sellers Pledge Form
  Scout Goal Poster
  Scout Sales Script - Selling Tips cards
  Thank You Card 
  Sample Budget Unit Planning (Excel)
  Unit Growth Incentive Program information
  District Kickoff Power Point Presentation
  Unit Dinner Presentation (May 2019)

Take Order popcorn is here

Please note that your unit's Take Order popcorn arrives this week! Be sure to watch for communications from your district popcorn kernel team on details for pickup.

Locations are:

ARROWWOOD DISTRICT: Ohio Logistics, 6000 Fostoria Ave., Findlay. District kernel: Ted Blum, 419.306.4153.

CHINQUAPIN DISTRICT: Keller Warehousing, 24862 Elliott Road, Defiance. District kernel: Laura Vasko, 419.966.7123.

GREAT OAKS DISTRICT: Lane's Storage, 245 E. Murphy St., Lima. District contact: Sydni Winkler, 567.208.5903.

OLD SYCAMORE DISTRICT: J.D. Construction, 435 W. Wayne, Celina. District contact: Brian Botti, 567.259.6201.


Product added to some unit's Take Order sale

Some units will see a few additional popcorn items added to their Take Order sale because of an issue with the popcorn app. These adjustments were made to ensure units and their Scouts have the needed number of items necessary to fill Take Order orders for their customers. This issue reportedly occurred when using the app to mark a sale as "Delivered" - in cases where muiltple products were sold to an individuals, but only part of the order was "Delivered" the entire sale of all items in the sale were marked "Delivered". Trail's End has ensured us this addition is necessary. If your unit receives extra product and you don't wish to take it, it is returnable for credit.


Scholarship program for $2,500 in sales

Don’t forget if you have a Scout is close to the $2,500 mark, the Scout will qualify for the Trail’s End Scholarship program in which 6% of the sales will count towards the scholarship. Once enrolled, 6% of your sales each year will go towards the scholarship. You only have to hit the $2,500 minimum one time. Visit www.trails-end.com/scholarship for full program details.

Units, if you have increased your sales by $2,500, $5,000 or $7,500 you qualify for your choice of pinewood derby kits, camping cook set, lights & more kit or a Scout shop gift card.


Important upcoming dates


Day of Week

Item of Note

Nov. 8-9 Friday, Saturday Take Order sales unit pickup
Dec. 5 Thursday Take Order payment due to Council
Dec. 5 Thursday Units with outstanding balances will forfeit bonus
Dec. 20 Friday Unit commissions deposited into Unit account
Jan. 4 Saturday Seller's Club movie event

Who to call

Thank you for your support of the Black Swamp Area Council Programs

Jim Mason, Development Director & Staff lead for popcorn sale


Black Swamp Area Council
2100 Broad Avenue, Findlay Ohio
(419) 422-4356