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Upcoming Events

  2020 Chinquapin District Virtual Pinewood Derby Saturday June 6th   Where to drop off cars:  Scouts that win at the unit...
Findlay Service...
Camp Lakota- meet at admin...
Eagle Board of Reviews can be scheduled with Sharon Brubeck at 419-306-7270 or...

Latest News

  • Council and Unit Meeting Guidelines
    Here is the latest update from our council and unit meeting guidelines as of May 28, 2020...
  • Cub Scout virtual Den Meeting programming online
    Cub Scout Virtual Den Meetings designed to help families continue to learn, grow and explore on their Scouting Adventure ...
  • May Mayhem pits Arrowwood vs. Great Oaks to raise support for Scouting
    It's May Mayhem, and Arrowwood and Great Oaks are going head-to-head to see who can hit their goal of raising $10,000 this month. Watch their great videos here ...
  • Salute to Scouting - May 13
    Not many have ever questioned Brian Botti's love for Scouting, and after last week any doubt was quickly erased with a pair of clippers...
  • Let the Mayhem Begin!
    It's May Mayhem, and Arrowwood and Great Oaks are going head-to-head to see who can hit their goal of raising $10,000 during the month of May ...
  • The Eagle - Neil Metzger
    What if I told you the work of an Eagle is helping another bird of prey reestablish itself in Ohio. The project you are about to read about, is currently home to a family of five.
  • Camp-In celebrated locally
    Tiffin families' virtual 5K hike leads to Top Photo for Black Swamp Area Council's National Camp-In ...
  • Judge Mark C. Miller honored with Cliff Dochterman Award
    Lifelong Scouter Judge Mark C. Miller was named a Cliff Dochterman Award winner for his contribution as a Rotarian and in Scouting.
  • Salute to Scouting - April 30th
    Have you ever thought about hammock camping? Or did you know that #GivingTuesdayNow is this coming week? Well it sounds like you should probably click here and read this edition of the Salute to Scouting.
  • The Eagle - Dane Budke
    The Eagle you are about to read about, wanted to provide a safe haven for people who enjoy kayaking and canoeing.
  • Reach with the Stars with the Supernova Award!
    Ben Hannewald, an Arrow of Light Scout from Pack 96 in Coldwater, OH, attended STEM Camp this past February at Camp Berry...
  • Extraordinary Explorer - Logan Schumm
    Law Enforcement Exploring accounts for 11 total units, with 10 being at the Post level. The Explorer you are about to read about is becoming familiar with the profession while building relationships along the way.
  • Scouts Supporting First Responders
    As the Coronavirus continues to dominate the news cycle, healthcare workers and first responders continue to throw caution to the wind to help their fellow citizens. Jennifer Hiller, Scoutmaster of Troop 157 in Kenton, understands it is all in a day's work, but she and her Troop believe they have a job to do as well.
  • Cyber Chip Program benefits local youth
    Black Swamp Area Council looks to recognize local Scouts who learn more about cyber safety...
  • Salute to Scouting - April 22nd
    Have you heard about the Scout from Edgerton who earned his SuperNova Award? I bet you can't name the newest Troop in the Black Swamp Area Council. Well, if you click here you'll have both of those questions answered.

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